Key Concept Post 1


1.Four Quadrants of PR

There are four quadrants of PR. These are media relations, community relations, business relations and government relations. The all relations are in a quadrant do all work together.
Media relations – Media relations are the inclusive of publicity as well as traditional and social press. We can say that all organizations will contact each other by media it does not matter they are using social media or news press.
Community relations – This is inclusive of internal, external, online, employee, consumer and personal interactions. Its means how can any organization develops a relationship with the community. All things are included like what they must done to create a relationship with people.
Business relations – Business relations are inclusive of investor relations, C- level executive advisement and social care. We can say that how can an organization make relation with its investor or customer with whom they are working.
Government relations – This is an inclusive of political, lobbying, public affairs and issues management. It means how an organization develops relationship with the government and their other members for getting permission.


 2. Media relations

It involves working with media in simple way it sounds like media. We can say that any organization may use media to inform the public about their new product, their new achievement or new changes in their structure so all these things they can share with the help of good media relations. Apart from this we can say that media relations mean building and maintaining relationship with the journalists, television anchors and social media influencers and with the help of all these relationships they can promote their organization and also get publicity if they have good relations with media.

3. Community relations

It means the relationship that any company or organization has with the public or people who live in the area where it operates. If the company wants to get the support of people, then they must do work for the people like they have to bring more jobs for the community or people. Community play vital role in the success of any campaign or organization because if they have relation only with some people they can not get popularity or publicity but if they have good relationship with community or with employees, consumers and with their family and friends then they can easily get more support from them.


4. Quote

“Public relations must be a part of every department within a business”

(Luttrell, Regina. Social Media How to Engage, Share, and Connect. London: Rowman & Littlefield, 2016. 11.)


According to me if a business wants to become involved with an issue then it needs to engage with the media. There are so many examples of corporations who achieved this. But most of the companies don’t use the this relation like CSR and social media relation in a better manner. The most important social responsibilities are – engage in two way communication, ask questions from followers or from the public, respond to comments be authentic and original. With the help of corporate social responsibility companies can not only generate favorable stakeholder attitudes and better support behaviour but they can also build corporate images, good relationship with company stakeholders. However, stakeholders low awareness and unfavorable attribution towards companies these are issues related to media. like they don’t have enough knowledge related to media like how to use media foe the benefit of the company and for getting the publicity from the people. CSR’s activities are key prerequisites for reaping CSR’s strategic benefits, its imperative for managers to have a deeper understanding of key issues related to CSR communication. These include many question what have to communicate, where have to communicate and how to have communicate.The future of social media depends on people because some persons know about the media how to use the media and also there is a lot of bad information which affect people attention. It changes the world a lot like if people use these type of social media like Facebook, twitter, U-tube ,google they can enhance their knowledge and also make their life better. Apart from this, we have to expand the social media and its influence over the most of the people and we will start to see more and more CSR initiatives and strategies and share those on social sites so this is the future of CSR.




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